Recognising that most Australian start-ups are born global, STC has a broad network of “soft landing sites.” Should you find yourself traveling in or near these locations, you can access a hot desk to work from, access to meeting rooms, and facilitated introductions to relevant cluster members.

To access soft landings in established locations or to request soft landings in a new region, reach out.


Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero is a science and technology park located in Canavese, near Turin in the north of Italy. The Park promotes and develops research in Life Sciences, hosting companies of the chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, bioengineering and information science fields. It has acted as system integrator for the development of Life Sciences in Piemonte since its creation in 1998.

The Netherlands

Kennispark Twente develops an innovative entrepreneur’s climate in the region of Twente. We do that by investing in three productlines:

  • Support and support systems for innovative startups: from coaching programs and events, to financing
  • Industrial innovation: joint innovation projects between SMEs, local industries and universities
  • Attractive Business Climate: create the right environment for innovative businesses and attract new businesses for Twente

The foundation is a joint initiative of the University of Twente, the City of Enschede, the Region of Twente, the Province of Overijssel and the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Through Kennispark Twente they share the economic development goal of creating 10.000 new jobs for the region.


Cluster55 is Cluster 55° is a non-profit network organization uniting Danish and Swedish ICT actors in the Øresund (eastern part of Denmark and the southern part of Sweden) IT cluster. Øresund IT provides knowledge and contacts among the ICT actors and in collaboration with well-established companies and innovative start-ups we strengthen the ICT cluster, which makes Øresund IT the leading network organization in the field.

United States – Chicago, Illinois

Illinois Medical District (IMDC) provides service by assembling the nation’s premier concentration of healthcare facilities and providers. The IMDC fosters the economic expansion in Illinois by supporting research and development facilities, including the expansion of social service organizations that assure the health and well-being of Illinoisans with special needs; creating Illinois’ largest emergency response and disaster preparedness community; and by fostering collaboration between federal, state, county and local governmental bodies in achieving these objectives.