‘The Tap’ is the coworking space for anyone involved in commercialising advanced technologies.

The Tap is an inspiring, vibrant and innovative advanced technology coworking space

Join a community of people who choose to work, network and collaborate at The Tap. Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s advanced manufacturing precinct, The Tap is perfect for small teams, start-ups and consultants who want to get things done in advanced technology.

The space was designed to meet the privacy and productivity needs of advanced technology entrepreneurs and those in roles that support this sector.

Drop in any time for a coffee, meet the folks that already work here and check out our digs.

‘The Tap’ was supported in part by Melbourne East Regional Development Australia

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The Tap’s design and offerings cater to the works styles and needs of advanced technology entrepreneurs and professionals

In the end, it is about who you know-- The Tap’s community is full of the right contacts and collaborators